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Bulova Men's 96B104 Silver Dial

The Bulova brand of watches is surely something that you heard about, as this company exists for more than 140 years and has cemented its place as one of the best watchmakers in the world. Ever since 1875, when it was founded by Joseph Bulova, this American company has been rapidly gaining the reputation for innovation, quality, artistry, as well as for the technology, and we simply have to mention that Bulova was also the company to develop the first watch that was fully electronic – the Accutron.

The people working at this company still know how to do their job well, as they’re still making watches that are among the best on the planet and are immediately recognizable by their smooth second hands and the already mentioned Accutron movement, which they perfected to the maximum ever since the 1960’s. One of the best things about this company is that they create both the simplistic and the highly decorated watches, allowing the customer to choose from a huge range of timepieces that come with different functions and different designs. And in order to fully understand this, let us take a good look at two of their watches, one for the ladies and one for the gentlemen.

Bulova women’s watches

The popular 96R000 Diamond Accented Watch

the popular 96R000 Diamond Accented Watch

A nice example of Bulova women’s watches would definitely be the popular 96R000 Diamond Accented Watch, which looks exactly like an elegant timepiece should look like. The face of this luxurious device is square shaped, while the bezel brings beautiful decorations made from diamonds. The dial comes in the silver color, has a date display, an adjustable band, as well as the much-needed water resistance (up to 99 feet). The whole thing looks extremely sophisticated and is certain to look good on any occasion – but especially at the elegant ones. See more of women watches brand.

Bulova’s watches for men

The 96B104 Silver Dial

Bulova Men's 96B104 Silver Dial

And if we now take a look at the selection of the Bulova’s watches for men, we will see that 96B104 has a completely opposite look from the above-mentioned watch for the ladies. This timepiece looks very simple, but it still brings that elegance that one expects while wearing a Bulova watch. It looks very sleek, featuring a silver dial with a tiny date display, as well as with the very precise quartz movement and the water resistance. The 96B104 is exactly how a combination of simplicity and glamour should look like, and we’re pretty sure that every man would gladly wear it on his hand.



The verdict?

As you can see for yourself, we have only the words of praise for the Bulova watches, as they’re not only classy and sturdy but also come at the prices that are not monstrously expensive like most luxury watches, which just might be what you’re searching for. They can be worn in almost all situations, and that includes both the casual and the formal ones. We would definitely recommend you to get one of their timepieces, as you certainly won’t regret it – after all, you aren’t going to spend a lot of money on it, as they come at pretty affordable prices.

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