Citizen Mens AT9010-52E Stainless Steel Eco-Drive Watch

Citizen Mens AT9010-52E watch

Citizen Mens AT9010-52E looks really good – pictures don’t do it the justice, as you have to see this model with your own eyes to believe just how good it looks. The face of this watch is pretty easy to read – the bezel is not cluttered while the second hand comes in the orange color, which makes it highlighted among other things and easy to read. But there is one thing that has a low readability – day of the week indicator since the text is really small and sometimes covered by the minute and hour hands.

About Citizen Mens AT9010-52E

The band of this AT9010-52E Citizen model is easily resized – the pins on it will come out easily. Also, the clasp on the AT9010-52E has one side that will allow you to adjust it to a half-size – this watch is tighter than the other models of the same brand, but have no fear, as it will not pull the hair off your hand when you put it on or take it off, or when you move it around your wrist. The weight of this watch is pretty big, but will not bother you as the feeling of having it on your hand is great. If you want to see more models of Citizen watches for men, here you can find citizen mens watches at discount prices.
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But the main thing to have on mind here is that this watch is perfect for the frequent travelers, as it gives you a control over the summer time in each zone and the so-called radio control work well enough in every major city in the world. The Eco-Drive on this model will last for months when fully charged, which can be done by either putting your watch on the window or just putting under your desk lamp – and after that, you could stay in the darkness for 180 day and it would still work! The watch is also water resistant (up to 20 bar) and has a sapphire glass, making it resistant to scratches.


  • Solar-powered battery;
  • Sapphire glass;
  • Syncs with the atomic clock automatically;
  • Has the alarm;
  • Calendar;
  • It’s pretty lightweight for its size;
  • Water resistant;


  • Some people might find it big;
  • Also, some people might find it too complicated to set it up;

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