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Everyone has probably heard of the Citizen brand, and it’s no wonder, seeing as they are one of the largest manufacturers of watches in the world. In 1918 the Shokosha watch research institute was founded, which was the forerunner of the company we now now as Citizen Watch Co.

One crucial technological breakthrough that was lead by Citizen was the ability to power a watch using nothing but light. Today that doesn’t seem like a big deal at all, but Citizen pioneered this technology as early as 1976. In 1995 they launched their highly desirable and acclaimed Eco-drive watches which arguably changed the watch making industry forever.
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Today, Citizen men watches are very well known to be quality time pieces that are precisely engineered and designed to not only last long, but look good even after a few generations. It’s a somewhat common misconception that a good watch has to cost a lot of money. While there are certainly luxury watches Citizen makes that cost thousands of dollars, it is worth noting that they make much more affordable watches that everyone could buy for themselves, or for close friends and family. For example the Titanium Golf model, which as the name states already, is made out of titanium and costs under $300.
citizen watches
They offer other pieces that cost under 200 dollars, such as the military inspired Men’s strap that looks casual, but it’s very rugged and it will surely be the choice of many.
In 2011 Citizen launched a neat series of watches that receive GPS satellite signals that made them incredibly precise, and they of course automatically set the time depending on the geographical location. Their atomic timekeeping technology is something Citizen is very proud of.
citizen men watches
These watches have a margin of error of one second during a period of an amazing 100,000 years. With these watches a person will never be able to use the “broken watch” excuse when late for a date or appointment.
There are many great brands and manufacturers from around the globe, and Citizen has proved with its groundbreaking technologies and meticulous engineering that is deserves to be one one of the most recognizable names in the industry.

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  1. Citizen always offers high-quality watches at such attractive prices, they are beautiful & reliable timepieces. Citizen & Seiko are my No.1 choices!The Eco-Drive series has some stunning military watches that I can’t resist

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