How to buy a branded watch?

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A watch is one of those accessories that tell a lot about the one wearing it. If a man does not feel naked without a watch, something is definitely off. But how does one purchase a nice branded watch that will perfectly suit him?
Analog or digital, with a metal or a leather belt, quartz or mechanical…

Those are only some basic types of branded watches, and the combinations of aforementioned attributes are infinite. First thing is first, a well-made branded watch must be water resistant, even though finding a watch that is not is not very likely, it still is possible so be careful.

The previous label used for water resistant was “Waterproof” but nowadays the term is banned by the International Organization for Standardization. If you stumble upon a watch with such a label, know that you are dealing with a counterfeit. Also, forget about the old cliché which claims that the only good watches are Swiss made watch, we do not live in the 19th century anymore.

Rolex or a Cartier?

If you are on a limitless budget, buying a Rolex or a Cartier would be an obvious choice, but let us assume that it is not the case. One brand that is well known for affordable prices and great quality is Hamilton, a brand that combines American design with Swiss perfectionism. For example, let us take the model Officer Mechanical. Simply designed, yet powerful, with a case made out of stainless steel will perfectly suit any man that goes for a more of a rugged look. When it comes to sports watches, you are in for a shock.

Army and sports watches

Some of the best sports watches are offered to us by Emporio Armani, a brand that has managed to establish itself as one of the best watch manufacturers during the recent year. The exact model we have in mind is Titanium, a watch that is ideal for day to day use. This watch can easily last you a lifetime no matter what test you put it to. This incredibly durable watch is powered by a chronograph quartz movement, which means accuracy will never be an issue. Hopefully we have given you enough insight on which you can base your search for a branded watch that fits you character.

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