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Omega Speedmaster _57

Everyone knows about Omega – it is a Swiss watchmaker which is based in Biel, in the northwest of Switzerland. You might be asking – what made this company so famous? Well then, take a look at these Omega watches are chosen by both British and American armies as their official timekeepers. Then, this is the official brand of watches of the Olympic Games ever since 1932.
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James Bond wears this brand of the watch in the movies since 1995, and then comes the stunning fact – this is the only watch that was worn on – the Moon! It was on the hand on Buzz Aldrin, who was the second person to set foot on our satellite. The company had many innovations throughout the years, the biggest of them definitely being the creation of the first diver’s watch – Today, having water resistant watches is something completely normal, thanks to Omega.

Let us take a look at some of their newer swiss watches models:

Omega Seamaster 300

Omega Seamaster 300
Since the new James Bond movie is coming in October, Omega decided to make yet another 007 watch – this model looks beautiful, coming in the exquisite combination of black, white, and gold – the logo is on the upper part of the dial, while the small golden arrows serve as the hour markers.




Omega Speedmaster ’57

Omega Speedmaster _57
This model features the Co-Axial Chronograph movement with the 9300 calibers, and it has the retro design which emulates the original 1957 model for today’s fans. The leather strap, coming in the honey-brown color, makes the whole thing look really elegant and handsome. The dial is covered by the sapphire crystal and the watch is water-resistant, up to 100 meters.


Omega De Ville Tresor

Omega De Ville Tresor
This particular model tries to combine the elegance of the past with the technological solutions of our time – and it definitely succeeds in it. It sports a strong resistance to magnetic fields, Omega Co- Axial caliber 8511 and the high-class design, combining the gold with white. The watch is water resistant up to 30 meters.

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Conclusion about Omega watches

Omega definitely justifies its status as one of the most recognized and famous watchmaking companies on the planet and that is the place well-deserved.

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