Roberto Cavalli watches

roberto cavalli watches

The best thing about Roberto Cavalli watches is that there are so many different models of them. Coming under the name of Just Cavalli, these timekeepers are the highly successful attempt of this famous fashion brand to try their hand in the world of wrist watches. As it is the case with their famous Roberto Cavalli handbags, the first thing to notice about Roberto Cavalli watches is impeccable design, in some cases very simple, and in some very complex. There is no better way for you to see the difference between their best models but to take a look at some of them:

Just Solo

Just Solo
The first thing to notice here is the strap, as this woman’s watch features a steel bracelet with round chain links. The dial comes in the silver color and is surrounded by crystals, with the Just Cavalli logo above the center of the dial.


Rude Roberto cavalli watches
Completely different that the previous model, the “Rude” men’s watch has a black leather strap with some fine detail, as well as the dial that combines black and blue and adds the calendar function.

Just Escape

roberto cavalli watches
The combination of orange, black, and silver is not something you see every day. And this is not the only good about this model – it has the calendar function, a comfortable leather strap, and the analog quartz movement.

As you can see from these three models, the variety of design of the Roberto Cavalli watches is one of the best things about this Italian brand, as anyone can find something for himself or herself. These watches have both the good looks and the necessary functions, which, when combined with the reasonable price, makes this brand a perfect choice for someone who wants to have both the aristocratic look and the innovative design.

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And we have to say that we really liked the dials of Just Cavalli models – they are on that fine border between being clunky with all the little details and being simple, with just the logo and the hands. And when it comes to leather straps, we have only the words of praise – this company surely knows how to work with this exclusive material.

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