Rolex Submariner Men’s Watch 116610LV

Rolex-Submariner 116610LV

This is the newest version of the Submariner, and it has impressed those who adore wrist watches for the two main reasons – it’s a new concept and the design of the Submariner range, and because it has an unusual color, certain to draw the attention wherever you go with it.
The watch has the same qualities which, over the years, made these Rolex watches such a well-known and a legendary brand – first of all, the design is just great, as it focuses on the simplicity and the practical use and it still looks very good.

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This kind of a design is slowly becoming a standard in the world of watchmaking. The Oyster strap will allow you some fine tuning, and you should be warned if you have smaller wrists – you might find wearing this watch uncomfortable, because of the shape of the case. This model has the 3135 automatic caliber, which beats at the rate of 28,800 alternations in an hour – this caliber is a COSC-certified chronometer, as it is has a stop seconds mechanism and a rapid date corrector.
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The rotor works in both directions, which allows more efficient winding. But the best thing on this model would be its looks – by having a green color, it makes it an atypical watch, drawing the eyes to it like a magnet. The green bezel rotates in one way while the case is scratch-resistant and matt-finished. The hour markers are circled in white gold while the gold dial is pretty hard to describe as the light makes its color change at all times.

The 116610LV model has all the perks of the Submariner lineage, but it is brightened by a beautiful green color, which gives it a great personality and makes you feel different, but at the same time having a fully functional watch which is absolutely great for everyday use. It’s a great evolution of the well-known Submariner range.


  • Great technical quality;
  • Unusual color which makes it pretty unique;
  • Syncs with the atomic clock automatically;


  • It might be uncomfortable for the people with smaller wrists;
  • No literature on the dial and the bezel;
  • The price;

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