Seiko watches

The Seiko company is well-known among those who like watches and all about them – it is a Japanese company which was founded all the way back in 1881 and it manufactures all kinds of watches, semiconductors, clocks, electronic devices and so on. They produce mechanical and quartz watches that come at varying prices.

The most affordable ones come under the brand name Alba, and they can be bought at prices of around 45 US Dollars. Alba brand is designed in a way to appeal to the younger generations, particularly in the Asian market. Seiko watches Their design is very modern, stylish, and as the youth says – cool. On the other hand, the most expensive Seiko watch comes at a stunning price of over 550,000 US Dollars – it is only for the customers with the pretty deep pockets. The mechanical watches made by this company are very prized among the collectors, like the A359 5040 Sports 100 Chronograph which was released back in 1981 and it can be considered to be very rare.
One of the best-known Seiko brands is the Spring Drive – this range of watches was launched in 2005, and it is famous because one of the models from the series, Seiko Spring Drive Spacewalk, was worn by one of the astronauts – in space!
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The other famous Seiko watches brands are Sportura, which is, as the name suggests, a sport collection, and Ananta, the series with highly advanced technology. There are also Veratura, the marine collection designed for those who sail the seven seas, and Arctura – featuring the Seiko Kinetic technology. Seiko brand watch But then comes the one Seiko brand that everyone knows about – the Grand Seiko. This is a luxurios line, made with two things on mind – great precision and elegance. The Grand Seiko line is maybe the best example of Seiko’s effort to make the best possible luxury watches on the planet – and it must be said that they are pretty successful in it. In a conclusion, it can be said that Seiko represents the stunning precision and the technological advancement – it is one of the most well-known watches brand and it certainly sets some standards for the whole industry.

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