Tissot Mens PRC 200 Automatic Chronograph

Tissot Mens PRC 200 Automatic Chronograph

Tissot is a world renowned watch brand from Switzerland, with a great tradition for making quality time pieces since the mid nineteenth century. Throughout its history it has built up a well deserved image in the watch making industry. Tissot has been a leading innovator in its field since it was founded in 1853. Now the brand operates as a member of the Swatch group, another big name in the business.

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Because of the great engineering and craftsmanship ability of Tissot, much is to be expected of a watch like the Tissot PRC 200 Automatic Chronograph with a silver dial and brown skin strap. It’s a men’s watch that is designed to look elegant on every occasion, yet it one could wear it everyday without looking out of place. The brown leather strap adds a certain quality and feel that many men will certainly enjoy, especially during formal dress events. Looking the part will be a breeze with this watch.
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The Tissot PRC 200 Automatic Chronograph is a mechanical watch, and as the name states, it’s automatic as well. The fact that it’s mechanical means it doesn’t use batteries for power, instead it uses mechanically stored power in springs inside the watch, which keeps it going. This particular model is an automatic one, also referred to as a self winding mechanism.

These automatic Tissot watches have a metal rotor that moves freely, and as the person wearing it moves his hands and wrists, this tiny rotor transfers the energy forward, winding the watch up. However, this doesn’t mean the watch never has to be wound up manually, but this really depends on the usage.

Overall this is an amazingly made and engineered time keeping piece. A few things that will be a deal breaker for some is the size, or to be more precise, the thickness of the watch itself. Also, it is by no means a cheap watch. But one has to keep in mind that it is targeted towards enthusiasts and people who appreciate the skill and craftsmanship of mechanical watches.

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